Welcome to Scratching Post Heaven!

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Choosing the right scratching post for your cat is more important than you might think.
Many of the products available are simply much too small and lightweight – they are NOT designed for cats, they are designed to sell cheaply and repeatedly.
This is not our ethos.

Leading feline authorities say that the minimum scratching height for a KITTEN is 60cm [24" in old money] – and that the post should be stable and not fall over. We agree with them, and design our products accordingly.

  • A small cat should have a post height of at least 72cm [28" +]. Most cats will thoroughly enjoy an 85cm post [33.5"] – This allows them to stretch to full length when scratching.
  • Super active cats like Bengals will be delighted with an even taller post, a Tower or a Pagoda – these designs are perfect for a family of cats too.
  • For an older or arthritic cat a smaller post is fine.

Stability is important.
With the exception of our 60cm Slimjim [flatpack] all our posts have socketed, glued, screwed and properly weighted bases.

Are built on solid 2×2 timber wound with 6mm pure sizal – most other manufacturers use 3 or 4mm which rarely lasts long.

Are built on solid 3×3 timber, wound with 8mm pure sizal, giving an estimated extra 50% longevity for less than 50% extra cost.

We recycle high quality offcuts from a local independent retailer as part of our FSB policy on ‘Keep Trade Local”. Please note that colour shades may vary from those shown.

We have been creating catpost less ordinary under our BlissBrand name since 2001 and are proud of our traditional British made products. All retail catposts come with a free swingtoy and complimentary sachet of dried catnip as a gift to the cat in your life.

Goods damaged in transit should be refused, instructing the driver to return parcels to us. Please notify us by email within 24hrs for a no-quibble refund in full.